Finally Being Able To Buy A Home

July 15, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Buying Real Estate,Real Estate

I don’t think anyone can understand what it is like to want to buy a house and not be able to, unless it has happened to you. When I got married, that’s all I wanted was to be able to buy a house. However, things kept happening and we weren’t able to get the house I always wanted.

Years later, we were finally in the position to buy a house and I was thrilled. I had already done enough research that I knew exactly where I wanted to live, and I knew exactly what kind of house I wanted to have. Unfortunately, in the years that had passed, prices had gone way up, and I needed to find another perfect location.

My husband and I each thought of places where we could live, and we couldn’t agree. My husband wanted to move more inland, and I wanted to live as close to the city as we could. We were able to make a compromise, and we started looking at houses in earnest.

We had a realtor in place, because I had made inquiries in the past, so we were all ready to go. I loved looking at the houses. I figured that was exactly what a fairy princess felt like, choosing among castles to live in.

When we finally found a few places, I started to feel frustrated, because there always seemed to be a problem. Either we were underbid, or something else happened to make everyone a little frustrated with what was going on. I really learned to be patient during that time, because it seemed that we had to give up on the house we wanted far too many times. I just had to hope that there was something else out there for us.

And finally, one September morning, we found the house I plan to live out my days in. It is a good size for us, not too big and impersonal, and not too cramped. We are all happy with the house, and it already feels so luxurious and “home”-y.

My husband and the realtor handled all the closing costs and whatever else happened during that time, as I tried moving us all into the house. I don’t know how it all became my job; probably because I work out of the house, and everyone thinks that means I have a lot of time to do everything.

I called up a moving company, and had them take the large pieces. I didn’t want to move too much of the little knick-knacks without packing them properly. My husband came to help just as everything else was being packed up, lucky duck!

I have to say that everything has turned out peacefully and that I am so happy to finally have my house. After all that time, I can say that all we wanted is coming to pass, and we deserve it. I am so happy with my new home, and I know my husband is happy too.